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Welcome to the FCVA

Here it is, the highly anticipated 2014 FCVA Schedule:
April 26-27 St. Augustine Beach Click here:

New post will be updated every few day's on our website and on our facebook page, so tell everyone you know FCVA is back on the beach.

New and bigger Sponsors

More Money in Open

Money in AA

Special Co-Ed and Jrs. Events

Still no membership fee's

We only grow and get better with your help, please tell everyone you know "who we don't know" about "YOUR" tournaments. Lets make 2014 the year teams start traveling to play and party with FCVA :)

April 26-27 St. Augustine Beach
May 24-25 (maybe the 26 too) St. Augustine Beach

June 14  Jacksonville Beach (All Men's and Women's Div.)

June 22   Jacksonville Beach (Sunday-Co-Ed and Jrs.)

July 12-13 Jacksonville Beach
Aug. 9-10 Jacksonville Beach
Sept. 13-14 St. Augustine Beach
Oct. 11-12 St. Augustine Beach

Mark your calendars! Looking forward to a great 2014!